Twigs in my garden #1
(acrylic paint on paper)
After Helen's Frik ceramic work 

Hold on #1
(acrylic paint and ballpoint pen on paper) 
After Helen's Frik ceramic work 

Slow Thinker #1
(ballpoint pen on paper)
After Helen's Frik ceramic work 


Without ever being, becomes

She awakes at the dawn of every breath,
Opening windows of wind, undressing ghost of the past,
Her domesticity.
Then feral, she finds herself amongst untamed thoughts,
In days and nights, always and for now
In hearts; Slamming doors that shake the Earth
Free, she transfigures herself.

Defiant, lively and capricious,
She moves forward without remorse, 
Refusing to waist her breath on reason, dust, bricks of history
On foliage eaten by those who keep chewing, ruminating, swallowing
Views from an insatiable gloom that she naturally appeases.

Eternal, silent. She flaunts a new garment,
At the dawn of every breath.

'Without ever being, becomes' lends title to the sculptures and drawings that make of this project a poem to life - to its lyrical, creative, powerful, ever-changing nature.

These works were made to dialogue with the works of Teresa Milheiro in our exhibition 'The power of fragility'

> on the occasion of 'The power of fragility' > exhibition view > Galeria Sá da Costa, Lisbon


While they sleep they dream

Under the dark sky of a silent night there lies their desire, hidden among leaves and branches that I hear being lightly trodden down into the earth. I look, trying to use the light of the moon to illuminate what I search. Trying to find in the essence of that feeling my own – the will power ascending like a serpentine, the gesture pulling back the opaque veil of distance, going through the fissures of the urban landscape to show itself. How to explain to whoever stops sensing this desire why they wake up dull? That in their misleading distinction between the various forms it incorporates they forget the poetry of life? How to tell those what I recognize in such deep expressions and in that impetus that reflects mine, or in the inherent vitality of their spirit, sharp and frank? I know their desire savours the same necessity that enlivens my body. That flourishes in the interlacement of affections, such labyrinth, where through narrow paths that become even narrower I stand face-to-face with our same nature.

While they sleep they dream is an exercise of both contemplation and recognition of the nature we cannot separate ourselves from, which sustained by a sensible and animal-like quality, is life's propelling strength or driving force, influencing us in the way we feel, long for, connect, share, depend upon, create, lose ground, regain clarity, aspire, inspire, die.

Partly motivated by the challenging and gratifying relationship I nourish with animals, this project is as well the result of my reflection on our capacity to identify in the authenticity of their existence our own vulnerability as living beings, the volatile nature of our physical condition, and to rely on the poetic nature of feelings.

> exhibition view - Espaço AZ, Lisbon

Previsão do tempo / Forecast

On a cloth laid on the forest ground is being celebrated the passage of time, the slow-motion gestures that draw the hours in circles, the thoughts that like the wind blowing on a sunny day refresh the mind.

It is being celebrated the landscape, the silence, the sharp flavour, the shift in perception.

> exhibition view - Reverso Gallery, Lisbon 

Gestos with Leonor Hipólito 

Documentary TV series about contemporary jewellery - Jóias para que vos quero? by film producer Vende-se filmes
Looking at us looking at us
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(...) From the very moment I am aware of myself in relation to something else I know I will no longer perceive with the same eyes. Awareness aggregates new aspects to the scope of understanding, like a map that unfolds and broadens into new views; like a chair not being a chair but an aspect of non-immediate recognition that is surprisingly inspiring. (...)

- excerpt from the book Looking at us looking at us -  


Invisible sower

Day upon day,
gesture upon gesture,
old is new.


Sem retorno 
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Today I am, tomorrow another one

(...) Now is us as today and today is an instant that unfolds into another one, becoming a string of instants, each being a transmutation of time: today, tomorrow, yesterday.
Now is a sound escaping from the mouth; a blink of recognition; is the point of convergence where we can truly merge with all that life is.


- excerpt from 22 reflections on the dissolution of the self, reflection #19 Today I am, tomorrow another one - 

> exhibition view - Espaço AZ, Lisbon