Suzy Solidor

Suzy remains a mystery to me. 
No matter how many portraits I see of hers, I still think the true Suzy hides behind the multitude of those canvas she so proudly preserved, as if concealing and perpetuating a secret.
Like a mirror facing another mirror reflects infinitely an image, that in reality doesn't exist in such extension, the reproduction of Suzy's persona in those paintings sparks the facets of her public role. 
Who was Suzy Solidor? 
Can those who never met her beyond portraits and melodies draw their own image of Suzy?

Suzy Solidor was made on the occasion of the collective exhibition Mirror Mirror curated by Jo Bloxham and Benjamin Lignel and at Espace Solidor, Cagnes-sur-Mer

Beyond Emotions 
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I searched for a blank page in my pocket-sized notebook. I needed to write something that had just come across my mind.
Instead I started drawing.
The direction of the line at first seemed absurd, nonsense and tortuous, but as soon as I stopped myself from analyzing it, it took a free course. Became intense, carved deeply into the block of paper and through many layer.
For the few minutes that it took me to draw that line I did not think of anything in particular. In fact I do not remember if I thought of something at all.
The page was complete.*

*Poem from the book Beyond Emotions, Ed. Leonor Hipólito, 2012

With the project Beyond Emotions the qualities of jewellery and sculpture are combined in objects of strong intimate reference. 
These objects, as if were different stages in the spectrum of emotions beyond the surface of immediate recognition, evoke both place and disposition in order to address individual experience.


> exhibition view - Plataforma Revólver, Transboavista Art Edíficio VPF, Lisbon

acrylic and enamel paint on paper
70 x 100 cm

Interpretation of the painting from Pablo Picasso Guernica for Drupa 2012