About and in between 

It is difficult to define a sentence in which its meaning relies precisely in the absence of words. Understanding it departs rather from presupposing it. So it is with the work that appropriates that sentence to find place and meaning in between the lines; in the absence of a presence only imagined, that deludes our reasoning with tangible solidity. 
Intuition blends with a subjective reality generating a feeling of uncertainty, and thus making us wish to find a niche where our understanding can reside. 
Words can’t fill in the blank space between A and B. For there is imagination agglutinating  experiences and creating substance for individual perception. The place where senses meet is also where reason cleaves, and new perspectives become visible.

About and in between defines a path between the before and the after, between a place and being there.

Between A and B time seems to slowdown and intensify the sense of space, around and within us.

> exhibition view - JAG, Lisbon