Looking at us looking at us
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(...) From the very moment I am aware of myself in relation to something else I know I will no longer perceive with the same eyes. Awareness aggregates new aspects to the scope of understanding, like a map that unfolds and broadens into new views; like a chair not being a chair but an aspect of non-immediate recognition that is surprisingly inspiring. (...)

- excerpt from the book Looking at us looking at us -  

Invisible sower

Day upon day,
gesture upon gesture,
old is new.

Sem retorno 
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Today I am, tomorrow another one

(...) Now is us as today and today is an instant that unfolds into another one, becoming a string of instants, each being a transmutation of time: today, tomorrow, yesterday.
Now is a sound escaping from the mouth; a blink of recognition; is the point of convergence where we can truly merge with all that life is.


- excerpt from 22 reflections on the dissolution of the self, reflection #19 Today I am, tomorrow another one - 

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