Gestures I

A moment undefined
I feel the rhythm
in the tips of my fingers
Passionate beat
caressing me.
Your hands 
Poles of my desire
Threads weaving 
my feelings
is my heart
Each step I give
traces a loop
on the ground
Each touch 
I wish
a gesture of love.

During more than 2 years I studied gestures to find forms for my hand objects. Some became more drawing-like, following the position of the hand, others more massive, forcing the hand to stay in a specific position. 
In the end of 1998 the project Gestures mixed with the next project entitled Tools for the Subconscious.
In 2008 I returned to Gestures to explore with drawing-like technique the forceful and the spontaneous gesture.

Great part of Gestures I was made while I was at Parson's School of Design. Gestures I was exhibited in the Seniors Student Show at Aaron and Sheila Aronson Gallery, New York