(...) Apparatus comprises a range of works reproduced after medical tools and fashioned out of tree trunks and branches. Delicately handmade, allowing the wood grain and shape to subtly influence the final form, these ‘tools' serve as reminders of our relationship to the natural world.
In writing about these works, Hipólito proposes "the idea of cooperation between the human knowledge, intelligence and creativity, and the natural world ... Apparatus weaves a thread between the thought and the action. Like a conscious gesture it leads to reflect upon a series of pertinent questions relating to global environmental conscience.
Apparatus embodies a very timely appeal espousing both environmental and artistic concerns. Hipólito quotes conceptual artist Joseph Beuys, who said: For a certain period of time, we still have the possibility of making free decisions, the decision of taking a path that is different from the path we took in the past. We still can decide if we want to align our intelligence with nature.*

*text by Matt Blomeley for ObjectSpace, Auckland

Apparatus was exhibited as a window installation at ObjectSpace Gallery, Auckland, 2007 and at Gallery Reverso, Lisbon, 2009


Every spirit builds a house,
and beyond its house a world,
and beyond its world, a heaven.
Know then that the world exists for you.

*Ralph Waldo Emerson - Nature

Transplant was made on the occasion of the Symposium and exhibition 2ndSkin - Cork Jewelry curated by Ana Campos. The exhibition took place in Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Estonia between the years 2007 and 2008



An assemblage of jewels that unfold out of fragments of furniture. 
We recognize them as domestic items, as they dwell upon the idea of a body-home-territory.

There is nothing you can't hold on to

There is nothing you can't hold on to. There isn't one single way to view the world. There is my way, your way, many ways and that's exactly where freedom lies. Anyone can have a personal definition of existence and that's the beautiful thing. Faith becomes a multiform, multicultural, multiwonder grip.
The line where we hang our thoughts is flexible, swings as we move across our achievements. The paths we trace with conviction aren't necessarily fixed but they surely should be good.

There is nothing you can't hold on to was made on the occasion of the Sieraad 2007 in Amsterdam, under the theme Symbols of Faith

Thread of Silk

The story tells of a man who rode on his horse far east, day and night. Far through the time aiming the sun, the golden Empire.
Driven by a love he believed he would find, there was nothing stopping him from fighting. Mountains, dunes, battles, crowds, miles and miles.
Along the tortuous road of his life he learned to trade tears and smiles but his heart kept alive with devotion. Embracing his ride a line of history is said he traced and from the drops of his strength and delight an oasis flourished.

Thread of Silk was made on the occasion of the 11th Contemporary Jewelry International Symposium Ars Ornata Europeana 2007



Shells, one of the first forms used in human adornment, reveal our very personal and beautiful relation towards preciousness.