I attempt to draw myself.  
At first I draw my head, 
curve after curve, a circle. 
A line, my throat. 
I reach the lungs, 
a sketch of leaves in the Autumn. 
My trunk is thin and long, two lines - parallel. 
At last I reach the base, 
I trace a road of lines, 
intricate patterns forming my ground. 
Finishing my drawing 
before my eyes 
I contemplate
the tree I am

Focused on the relation between Man and Nature In-corporation results from crossing their resemblances as a statement of their union and dependency.
Each piece reminds a tool or prosthesis, a body-nature link, a metaphorical bridge for their inseparability. As a group they reinforce the idea of incorporation, sometimes alluding to parts of the human body, other times to plants.

In-corporation was exhibited at Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen, Holland, 2006, at the Gallery Vice Versa Lausanne, Switzerland, 2007 and at Gallery Reverso, Lisbon, 2008