Below a respiring sky

Below a respiring sky is a project inspired in the unfinished story by Franz Kafka The Burrow
which for me represents a very interesting portrait of human psychology and an inspiring metaphor for our human condition. 

I seek out a good hiding place and keep watch on the entrance of my house - this time from outside - for whole days and nights. Call it foolish if you like; it gives me infinite pleasure and reassures me. At such times it is as if I were not so much looking at my house as at myself sleeping, and had the joy of being in a profound slumber and simultaneously of keeping vigilant guard over myself.*

*Franz Kafka - The Burrow

A stiff curtain that looks forced to cover but diaphanous like a cloud;
A structure resembling a bed but also a body, a frontier shapeshifting;
A bowl like a brain, an insatiable receptacle for eagerness;
A shelf, a tongue unburden;
A thin branch, a strip of the horizon... 


Private view #5
Portrait of An Invisible Woman

A home
Rooms etched with subtle evidences
Someone's portrait

Like a visitor
A woman inhabits it

Private view are installations in private spaces that promote one day event. The projects, always different, are not necessarily site specific but are surely inspired in the particularity of each place and host.

> exhibition view - Ofélia's home, Lisbon